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9 Tips To Improve Your Sales

9 Tips To Improve Your Sales


You will not be successful if you do not have a systematic way of dealing with your leads and clients. Sales can be a complicated topic but here’s one thing you should know, “People buy when the value exceeds the price”. Thanks to my friend, Christian with Exigo, for explaining this one to me in 2 good hours. Keeping that in mind, let’s jumped into some simple actionable practice that will get you results right away.

1. Answer your leads within 5 minutes when possible

2. Prepare a template email for each type of lead

3. Follow up. Set reminders or if you use some of the tools I previously recommended such as Hubspot or Mixmax, create sequences that are automatically triggered

4. Create value: There are many companies like yours out there. What makes yours different?

5. Don’t sell. Create rapport. Rapport increases the value of your services. Asking yourself if you have something in common with the client is a good idea. On one of our contact forms, we ask the leads to tell us about their cat or dog. Those that do have one or more, are always happy to share their name and what makes them special. And sometimes, we get people telling us about other pets they might have. We found this to be a great conversation starter for us when we reply.

6. Call. If you don’t get an answer, then leave a voicemail and follow up with an email. Building a rapport is much easier when talking but only do so if you are comfortable with talking. Some people are better at texting or emailing

7. Pay attention to how you were contacted. If the lead is texting you, don’t try to move the conversation to email or call too early

8. Ask personal questions. We all like to talk about ourselves, tap into that need. In another one of our booking processes, we ask our clients about their hobbies, their favorites food, drinks, and movie.

9. Be emotionally intelligent. Most purchases are either emotional or a necessity. When they are a necessity, make sure you prioritize addressing the lead’s needs. When they are emotional, share the same emotion as the lead. Let’s say you sell to future brides, they are most likely looking forward to the celebration. Get excited about that celebration as well and show it in your communications.

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